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FREE !!! Oracle Database training video collection – internals, best practices

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During the summer – when there is really not too much work going on – you probably have a chance to read some books, do some online trainings and so on. If you are interested in some oracle internal stuff, take a look at the collection below.

The collection has three parts:

1. Oracle Internals, SQL tuning and RAC internals by Tanel Pőder, Jonathan Lewis and Riyaj Shamsudeen

2. PL/SQL by Steven Feuerstein

3. DBA 2.0 youtube series (just to have some fun)

I’d suggest, before your headache starts, take a look at one of the DBA 2.0 series videos – I still love them – and then continue 🙂

So, here they are:

1. a)

Here you will find two videos provided by Tanle Pőder, which you can download to iPAD as well. I liked them really!

Oracle Troubleshooting TV show: Season 1 – Episode 1: ORA-4031 errors and shared pool memory troubleshooting

Oracle Troubleshooting TV show: Season 1 – Episode 2: 2 hour session which takes 4 hours 🙂

In the second video Tanel shows where you can get his powerful script library.

b) Tuning a two-table join by Jonathan Lewis

c) RAC Hacking Session by Riyaj Shamsudeen: Probing LMS Process Internals With Advanced UNIX Utilities

2. Best PL/SQL Video Series by Steven Feuerstein

3. and finally the DBA 2.0 video Series

Oracle Database related:

DBA 2.0 – SQL Tuning

DBA 2.0 – Managing Change

Feeling the Storage Squeeze? (my favourite one)

Sure You’re Secure?

Bye Buy Idle Redundancy

No Time for Downtime?

Oracle Exadata related:

Oracle Exadata: Consolidating Database Applications

Oracle Exadata: A Single Source of Truth

APEX related:

Spreadsheets or Simplicity?


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